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"When You're Gone" - Previously Unreleased Martin Thomas Demo Track 2011

Martin Thomas - When You're Gone - Previously Unreleased Demo Track 2011

While setting the stage and preparing to go into production with all new material. I was cleaning out my closet so to speak and surprisingly rediscovered some lost demo recordings of mine. Among this discovered material of various demos and outtakes, I've accidentaly stumbled upon this little raw piece. "When You're Gone" was originally recorded back in 2011 and for some reason discarded afterwards and were long forgotten, untill now.
Just felt like sharing this with you, hope you'll enjoy.



Now Available

For the first time ever, Martin Thomas is now launching a danish music project. An EP entitled "Selvudskridelser". The EP contains 4 brand new danish songs by Martin Thomas. Tegnet Hele Verden (Martin Thomas/Bjarne Jes Hansen), Ikke Flere Chancer (Martin Thomas), Martyr (Martin Thomas), Glimt Af Forandring (Martin Thomas). Available on CD/Download/Stream.

Purchase the new album on CD with combined album download by clicking  HERE 

Purchase on iTunes by clicking HERE

Stream on Spotify by clicking HERE

The Revised Edition of "Safe Keepings" is Available

The new modified and remastered edition of the album "Safe Keepings". Includes all new modified and remastered versions of the tracks Safe Keepings, 85' and Walking Out That Door. Re-produced and remixed from the original 2010 recordings. 

Short Liner Notes: I've never really been pleased with the programmed drums track on the 2010 version of 85'. Originally, the drums track was intended only as a reference drums track, but for some weird reason we decided to keep it that way in the final rush hour of production. I've been distressed about that decision ever since. This new 2014 version of 85' features a brand new drums track by musician Joel Stumbaugh. Now, the song finally sounds much more vibrant, alive and kicking! Exactly, the way it always was meant to sound.

Another track on the album, Walking Out That Door, was also produced in a rush, which resulted in a maximum gain overdrive at the end of the track! Some real shit decisions on our part, looking retrospektive back on the final production of this song. The new 2014 version of Walking Out That Door has been reproduced and remixed from the original 2010 recordings. This new modified version finally sounds the way it originally was intended. 

The album title track Safe Keepings has been provided with a brand new bass tracks on this 2014 edition. 

Now, once and for all, the whole album stands out just the way it was originally intended, maybe even better. Hope you'll hear the difference.

Available on iTunes and Amazon. Also Available on Spotify.
Direct buy link at CdBaby: Click Here

Selvudskridelser: CD

Selvudskridelser: CD

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The new danish Ep "Selvudskridelser" on CD combined with a FREE album download.

  1. Tegnet Hele Verden
  2. Ikke Flere Chancer
  3. Martyr
  4. Glimt Af Forandring
Safe Keepings - Revised Edition 2014: CD

Safe Keepings - Revised Edition 2014: CD

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The new 2014 Revised Edition of the debut album Safe Keepings by Martin Thomas. Includes all new modified and remastered versions of 85', Walking Out That Door & Safe Keepings. Reproduced from the original 2010 recordings. CD combined with a FREE album download.

  1. A New Beginning
  2. Change
  3. First Aid Kid
  4. Safe Keepings
  5. 85' ft Joel Stumbaugh
  6. Shelter Me
  7. Runaway Child
  8. Breaking Point
  9. Travelling
  10. Higher Ground
  11. Walking Out That Door
Dreaming While You Sleep: CD

Dreaming While You Sleep: CD

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The 2013 album "Dreaming While You Sleep" by Martin Thomas. Includes the tracks "New York City", "Something To Believe In", "Cupid Stupid" and "Whatever Makes You Happy".

  • CD combined with a FREE signed original album poster.

  • You And I

  • New York City ft. Alex Puddu
  • Something To Believe In
  • Whatever Makes You Happy
  • One Day
  • Merciful Me
  • Godspeed
  • Cupid Stupid
  • Love Is..
  • Carpe Diem
  • Let's Make A Deal
  • In Love With Your World
  • What's Wrong With This Picture
  • Dreaming While You Sleep
  • The Song That Almost Made It

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