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The official debut album 'Songs', was my first real go as an independent musician. The album was entirely produced and engineered at home by myself on a very low 'indie' budget and with very little skills- and experience in the art of making an entire album.

The album features 12 original compositions, which were all performed in a low acoustic mode with additional drums machines and backing tracks.

The album was released on November 3th 2008 on limited CD and digital download.

In 2011 the album was permanently removed from most online retailers and has not been available on physical sale until now.

Credits: All songs written, composed, arranged, performed and produced by Martin Thomas Except 'Brick By Brick' written and composed by Martin Thomas and Jesper Holst. 'Trippin’ Lane' and 'Who’s Your Daddy Now' written, composed and performed by Martin Thomas and Troels Liljedahl.

2008 Mtj/Dteam.

Recorded at home between 2005 and 2007. All arrangements and performances by Martin Thomas except 'Trippin’ Lane' arranged and performed by Martin Thomas and Troels Liljedahl. All programming by Martin Thomas and Troels Liljedahl.

With gratitude, I’m all ears... These songs are kindly dedicated to Knud Sandberg (1952 - 2000)


  1. Brick By Brick
  2. The Blame I Lay On You
  3. Running To Stand Still
  4. We're Only Humans
  5. What's Wrong With This Picture
  6. Trippin' Lane
  7. Back Where You Belong
  8. Who's Your Daddy Now
  9. Look At Me
  10. When You Forget About Me
  11. The End Of Our Story
  12. A Piece Of Heaven (Remix 2008)
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