The Best of Martin Thomas: CD
  • The Best of Martin Thomas: CD

The Best of Martin Thomas: CD

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The first official compilation album by Martin Thomas. The album covers the best songs by singer- songwriter Martin Thomas from the period 2008 - 2018. Includes the new 2018 version of 'Trippin' Lane' with all new arrangements by Joel Stumbaugh (drums), Christopher Frick (piano) and Charles Berthoud (bass).

The album is released worldwide December 20th 2018 / Extended Double CD arrives in first quarter of 2019.

Tracklisting: CD 1: 1. Brick by Brick 2. The Blame I Lay on You 3. What's Wrong with This Picture 4. Runaway Child 5. New York City ft. Alex Puddu 6. Blind Alley 7. Safe Keepings 8. Whatever Makes You Happy 9. 85' ft. Joel Stumbaugh 10. We're Only Humans 11. Love Is.. 12. Tegnet Hele Verden CD 2: 13. Cupid Stupid 14. Breaking Point 15. Don't Really Care About Your Problems 16. Lean On ft. Inbal 17. First Aid Kid 18. Something To Believe In ft. Christopher Frick 19. Shelter Me 20. Change of State 21. Higher Ground 22. Ikke Flere Chancer 23. Trippin' Lane

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