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The Best of Martin Thomas 2008 - 2018

Available at all digital outlets and streaming providers 20/12/2018

The first official compilation album by Martin Thomas. The album covers the best songs by singer- songwriter Martin Thomas from the period 2008 - 2018.

Includes the new 2018 version of 'Trippin' Lane' with all new arrangements by Joel Stumbaugh (drums), Christopher Frick (piano) and Charles Berthoud (bass). 

The album is released worldwide December 20th 2018 / Extended Double CD arrives in first quarter of 2019.

See the full album track listing here 

Celebrating 10 Years of Music 2008 - 2018

2018 marks the 10th years anniversary of the music and songwriting of Martin Thomas.

Martin Thomas has released his first new studio album in 5 years. The album is entitled 'Now, It's Time to Leave' and features 11 brand new original compositions by Martin Thomas, including 'Brick by Brick', 'Change of State', 'Blind Alley' and 'Lean On' featuring Inbal. 

The album is released on CD/Stream/Download and is scheduled for a vinyl release later on.

The early albums of mine 'Songs' from 2008 and 'Sketches - Demos and Outtakes 1998 - 2008' from 2009 is made available for purchase on CD in the store section. Use coupon code 10YEARS and save 25% on all items in the store. This offer is valid for the rest of the year.

In December 2018, the very first Martin Thomas compilation album is going to be released. The extended 'Best of' album will feature 23 songs from the sacred vault including a brand new 2018 version of 'Trippin' Lane'. The album is released on December 20th 2018. To see the full track listing click here.

In early 2019, Martin Thomas will celebrate the life of his long time musical soulmate, late Troels Liljedahl with the release of an album entitled 'The Road". This album will feature some previously unreleased original compositions and recordings made by Troels Liljedahl. These recordings has been restored and modified for this project by Martin Thomas. The album will also feature some of our best maintained collaborations.

Later in 2019, the album "Sketches - Demos and Outtakes 1998-2008" is going to be digitally released for the very first time. 

Hope you all will enjoy, share and take part in these 10th Anniversary events with me. 

Thanks for listening and for your loyal support through all of the years.

Now, It's Time to Listen