Dreaming While You Sleep - Revised Edition 2016

Martin Thomas

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The 2016 Revised Edition of the album "Dreaming While You Sleep" includes all new modified and remastered versions of "Something to Believe In", "Whatever Makes You Happy", "One Day", "Merciful Me", "Godspeed" and "Carpe Diem". The album also includes 2 previously unreleased and 2016 modified tracks "Rescue Me" and "Don't Really Care About Your Problems". All reproduced and remixed from the original 2012 recordings.

  1. You And I
  2. New York City ft Alex Puddu
  3. Something to Believe In ft. Christopher Frick
  4. Whatever Makes You Happy
  5. One Day
  6. Merciful Me
  7. Godspeed
  8. Cupid Stupid
  9. Love Is..
  10. Rescue Me
  11. Carpe Diem ft. Alex Puddu
  12. Let's Make A Deal
  13. What's Wrong With This Picture
  14. Dreaming While You Sleep
  15. The Song That Almost Made It
  16. Don't Really Care About Your Problems
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